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Disk mill machine
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10 Dec 2019
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Specification of

Specifications of stainless steal disk mill penepung machine
Dimensions are 700 x 430 x 950 mm
the mover can use Diesel 7 PK, Honda engine 6.5 PK or E, 5.5 Hp Motor (Only one)

Disk mill machine, or known as the flour machine is a device designed to produce flour. Disk mill machine can be used for coffee, rice, corn, etc. The use of this machine is very easy for example you want to make corn flour. The processing method is by drying the corn first and then the corn is taken and processed using this machine. Corn will be ground and form a fine and soft flour. This machine works with the function of forging and grinding function, there is a tool in the form of a plate (disk mill) with a series of blades.

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